Rifugio Canziani  al Lago Verde / Höchsterhütte am Grünsee - Val d'Ultimo / Ultental
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Welcome to the Höchsterhütte – Rifugio Canziani!

Owing to its liveliness and unique natural setting, the Höchsterhütte - Rifugio Canziani provides tourists with a warm environment carved within a natural rocky cradle in the Ultental Valley.

The pleasure of discovery – Located in an untouched valley inside the Stelvio National Park, the Höchsterhütte - Rifugio Canziani’s surroundings are rich flora and fauna.

Quietness – A feeling of peacefulness and surprise will embrace all hikers climbing the way up to the Green Lake. Paths leading to the hut provide breathtaking views on an astonishing landscape.

Magic – Upon arrival, tourists, hikers and aplinists will be welcomed by a number of natural attractions and sightseeing points.

The Höchsterhütte - Rifugio Canziani hut provides tourists with a 'base camo', a starting point to explore Trentino and South Tyrol. A network of well-kept hiking paths would allow tourists to catch glimpses, or feel 'drawn' in an ever-changing landscape, experiencing its inner beauty.

Opening times:

Open from mid-June to mid-October.


COVID-19 – saftey at mountain huts

Here are the 5 golden rules:

- Booking is essential for accommodation and recommended for meals

- Use a mask and disinfectant gel in the common areas

- Always keep a distance according to the rules

- Ask the mountain hut manager what you need for an overnight stay You are in any case recommended to bring a sleeping bag

- Bring slippers and a towel with you

PDF – 5 simple rules
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